What is .csv format? How can I open a .csv file?
CSV stands for “Coma Separated Value”.  Please open the .CVS file  using EXCEL or ACCESS or another popular spreadsheet or database application. If it doubt please obtain a csv sample file via the home page.
Are details such as street address and telephone numbers also listed in the Directory?
Yes, please see the Introduction Page for details..
How was all this information obtained?
Please visit the Research Methods page for full details.
How old is all this data? When was it researched?
All  data is regularly updated and subject to our Terms we give a 100% guarantee of delivery – please see the Terms and Guarantee page for more details.
What payment options can you offer?
We offer payment via Paypal where you can pay securely via credit and debit cards , with or without a Paypal account.
What is the best way to send emails in order to achieve best delivery rates.?
Check out ’Send Individually’ from Sperry Software. This inexpensive Outlook add on allows you to automatically send emails, one at a time, rather than in BCC. And as you can specify the number of emails to be sent per hour this can help to bypass many spam filters. ‘Send Individually’ can also help to avoid any potential problems with your ISP who may restrict the number of emails sent over a certain time frame.
Read more at http://www.sperrysoftware.com/Outlook/Send-Individually.asp
What about duplicate email address records?
There are no duplicate email addresses.
Do you provide sample data?
Yes. Please see the form on the Home page.
Are the email addresses provided “verified”?
We send an email message to all of the email addresses listed in the Directory every six month and delete addresses that bounce. See the Research Methods page.
Can you guarantee that all email addresses listed in the directory are fully functional and that my email messages will get delivered?
Please see the Terms page.
How are my data purchases sent to me?
Within a few minutes of receiving your payment we will send you an email (to the address you provided at Paypal) that includes a download link so that you can download your data purchases. We can also send additional links when required via the YouSendIt system.
In what format is the data provided?
All data is provided in .csv format.
Can you provide more information about your company?
Please see the ‘About Us’  page 
And finally…please do not hesitate to contact us if you need any further information about our products and services.